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Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 2:37pm

President Obama's Jobs Bill is stalled in the Senate so supports are using a different approach to get it passed.

President Obama's jobs bill has stalled in the Senate and now Democrats are going to try a different approach. They're going to try to get it passed in pieces starting with the bill designed to help public safety workers and teachers. But Republicans say the bill won't create jobs but hurt job creators.

President Obama hit the road this week to campaign for his jobs bill, but Democrats can't even muster the support to bring it up for a vote.

Unable to get President Obama's $447 billion jobs bill through the Senate, Democrats want to bring it to a vote piece by piece.

Sen. Dick Durbin says "part of President Obama's jobs package that will make sure that we save the jobs of thousands of cops firefighters and teachers across America by imposing a one half of one percent tax on millionaires."

Republicans see it differently.

Sen. Mitch McConnell says "this is a proposal to raise taxes on 300,000 business owners in order to send money down to states so they don't have to lay off state employees."

GOP Senators held a news conference with small business owners who say the president's plans will create uncertainty, not jobs.

Small business owner Gail Johnson says "we just hold steady unwilling to edge up because we do not know what's happening."

Vice President Biden, who's helping the president campaign for the jobs plan, called Republicans out.

Vice President Joe Biden says "why are you not for it? What's your answer? what are you proposing?"

A question Republicans say they've already answered. Their plan: reduce taxes and get government out of the way. While the president's jobs plans are struggling in the Senate they face an even rougher ride in the Republican-controlled House.

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