Jobs and the Midterm Election

Friday, October 8, 2010 - 9:25am

Jobs numbers due out today could impact the Midterm Election.

Economists think the jobless rate may jump slightly to 9-point-7 percent, with few if any new jobs created.

Professor Peter Morici, an economist at the University of Maryland said, "Only 30-35,000 jobs. Terrible month."

Another month where losing temporary census work cancels out any private sector gains.

Less than a month now before Election Day, it's a political torpedo for Democrats and may not help Republicans much either.

"Voters don't have a great choice when it comes to creating jobs," said Morici.

President Obama is still preaching patience.

"Of course people are impatient…I’m impatient," said Obama.

He is urging Democrats to get out and vote in droves, claiming Republicans' "Pledge To America" could be even worse.

"It's the same stuff they've been peddling for years. They're trying to hoodwink you once again," said President Obama.

Recovery is frustratingly slow for Edrie Irvine. She's been unemployed for almost a year.

"When I see a headline say 'You know, it's slightly better off than we were last month', my first thought is: 'But what about the 99ers?'" said Irvine.

99ers are people who have stopped looking for work, but who may be voting next month.

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