JFK Close Call

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 9:12am

Two jets narrowly hit each other at JFK airport earlier this week.

Federal authorities are investigating a runway incident involving two jets at New York's JFK International Airport earlier this week. On the control tower audio-tapes, you can hear the the tense moments between an air traffic controller and one of the pilots.

At JFK airport Monday night, you could hear the urgency, as potential disaster looms.

"Cancel, cancel take off! Cancel take off plans!"

"Lufthansa 411 heavy, is rejecting take off."

A Lufthansa plane loaded with nearly 300 was speeding down the runway with an Egypt Air plane right in its path.

The control tower says, "hold our position? yeah, hold your position. As you can see what's going on, no need to speak about it on frequency."

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the near miss which came after the Egypt Air flight was told to taxi to the airfield.

They tell us "the pilot of Egypt Air 986 read back the taxi instructions correctly, however, failed to turn as instructed."

Air passengers reacted this way:

The Air Traffic Controllers union told me the National Transportation Safety Board will likely get involved. The NTSB is still looking into that incident back in April when the wing of a giant Air France plane clipped the tail of a Delta regional jet at JFK, spinning it around.

In this case, the Lufthansa and Egypt Air planes eventually took off from JFK and landed safely at their destinations.

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