Is That A Chainsaw In Your Pocket

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 9:14am

Man attempts to steal chainsaw by stuffing it down his pants and waddling out of store.

A Chickasha, Oklahoma man was arrested for shoplifting after he attempted to conceal a stolen chainsaw by shoving it down his shorts.

Police say 21-year-old Anthony Darren Black attempted the theft at the Ross Seed Company.

He pulled an Echo chainsaw from the display and shoved it down the front of his shorts.

He also allegedly stole a dog collar, then exited the store.

Two employees noticed the man.

Richard Largent says he thought the man was handicapped because of the unusual way he was walking.

"I felt sorry for him. I thought the gentleman was crippled," said Largent.

George Graham said he could see exactly what was going on.

"I saw the bar between his legs. It was pretty obvious. Imagine it in the front of your pants," Graham said.

Several employees began chasing Black.

He ditched the chainsaw, ran up a tree, jumped down and then ran into someone's house.

The owner of that house quickly shooed him back outside.

The employees continued chasing him to an almost dry creek nearby.

They say Black dove into the creek headfirst.

"And we see his head, just only his head visible, sticking out of the water," said Paul Horton, the store manager. "First time I ever seen a chainsaw go down anybody's britches."

Police pulled Black out of the creek.

They say he appeared intoxicated.

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