Irenes Impact

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 9:17am

Jay Gray reports on the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Irene.

37 people killed in 11 states and billions of dollars of damage: That's the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

And the worst for some may not yet be over.

After tearing a path up the North Carolina Coast and Outer Banks, the legacy of Hurricane Irene may be historic flooding.

"We have seen record flooding in Vermont, record flooding in New York. We have rivers yet to crest. The extent of impacts we still won't know," said FEMA Administrator, Craig Fugate.

Rivers hundreds of miles from the coast turned into rapids.

Roads washed away and homes turned into islands.

Rescuers were not immune either.

Firefighters in New Jersey spent the day trying to salvage what they could from their flooded fire-station.

On Monday, millions remained without power, and thousands were unable to return to their homes still threatened by rising floodwaters.

Early estimates put Irene's wrath at seven-billon dollars in damages, but it's the human toll that thousands are now dealing with.

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