iPads in Class

Friday, April 8, 2011 - 1:32pm

Kindergarten classes in Auburn, Maine are set to start working with new high-tech tools.

Schools in Auburn, Maine are breaking new ground when it comes to technology.

Every kindergarten student in the district will be receiving an iPad 2 computer this fall.

The school committee voted Wednesday night to spend about $200,000 for 285 iPads for both the students and teachers.

As part of a pilot program some students in a few classrooms will get iPads as early as May.

The program will roll out at all of the district's six elementary schools this fall.

"When you look at what the iPad 2 apps that are out there, from learning your letters from books, that can be read, finger painting your name, it's absolutely something we must do," said superintendent Tom Morrill.

Auburn school officials hope the cutting edge technology will boost literacy rates from 62 percent to 90 percent in two years.

The department is also believed to be the first in Maine to give iPads to a whole grade level.

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