iPads and Seniors

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 8:17am

Retirement home says the popular tablets help keep minds sharp.

If you think life is pretty much predictable at a retirement home, you may be surprised to find out what's going on at one home in Colorado.

At a place where everyone has had many, many birthdays, you would think they've seen everything. Like the first time 91-year-old Marolyn Stone saw a computer.

Marolyn says "the computer was half the size of this room."

This is not that computer. Hot technology in a retirement home.

Michael Schonbrun, President of Balfour Senior Living, says "the idea came when I walked into an Apple store on day one of the first Apple iPad sales."

But in a place where people can be a little set in their ways, technology isn't always the talk of the town.

Mr. Schonbrun says "you always have the doubting Thomases. If it was good enough for their great grandfather, it's good enough for them."

Until they find out what this little thing can do. The founder of Balfour Senior Living says learning something new can help keep the mind sharp.

Mr. Schonbrun says "keeps them mentally and physically healthier as well."

iPad-centered classes focused on current events. Even finding pictures connected to their past. This technology piques the interest.

Balfour Senior Living Community has five iPads in its retirement home. They plan to purchase more and develop a checkout system so residents can take the iPads to their rooms.

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