iPad Anticipation

Friday, March 11, 2011 - 9:04am

Will there be the kind of long line frenzy we saw last year for the original iPad?

Long lines greeted the arrival of the iPad last year as it went on to sell 15 million units in just nine months.

"People laughed at us for using the word magical, but it's turned out to be magical", recalls Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Whether iPad2 casts a similar spell gets determined starting Friday.

"There's no question that the iPad2 is a better product", declares Suzanne Kantra of Techilicious.com.

Kantra says the addition of cameras and a faster processor in a thinner, lighter package should keep the iPad safely ahead of its tablet competition.

"If you've been on the sidelines and you've been waiting to get a tablet”, says Kantra, “and you look at the tablet space right now, the iPad2 is clearly the winner here".

iPad2's battery life and price also give it the edge on an increasing number of competitors.

"When we look at the price of the Android-based tablets, they're way above $500. The entry-level price point for the iPad 2 is $499", says Kantra.

Even so, we're less likely to see as many long lines for iPad2.

For one reason, it will be available in more locations than before -- another is the large number already sold.

"I don't think with the upgrades we're seeing with the iPad2, current iPad owners are going to be running down to the stores to trade in their old iPads for the new version", predicts Kantra.

Many suspect, however, that could happen in the spring of 2012, when Apple is expected to introduce an iPad3 -- one likely to be compatible with 4G cellular phone networks.

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