Investigators Looking Into Cause of McAllen Fire

Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 9:18am

Not much is left of a warehouse in McAllen after a massive fire ripped its way through the building Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators and Fire Prevention spent the morning sifting through the rubble. Trying to find out exactly what started the fire. People still gather at the scene the day after, curious to know what happened.

 The images from last night show how high the flames were. The warehouse was used to store medical equipment. the flammable items inside made it even harder to control the fire...

Officials say they are questioning the owner along with several other local employees.
They say they are using every resource they have to try to put the pieces together...  They haven't ruled out foul play.

Officials tell us it took over four hours to put out the blaze. They say it would have never been possible without working together...
Since this is one of the biggest fires in a long time the Fire Department wants to remind the public that the best way to help is to keep your distance.

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