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Friday, August 12, 2011 - 8:22am

Great sites to find the answers you're looking for.

Let's start with this one so you wanna great site for those who are incurably curious. What do you wanna do? So you wanna burn videos to DVD's? Publish a book? Learn how to play poker?

The So You Wanna site teaches you. You can search or browse by categories and become a know it all on all sorts of things. But wait, there's more. And the Howcast site makes it even easier with videos.

From obscure tasks like choosing a font for a wedding invitation to bizarre things like making bacon ice cream to useful things like saving energy in the summer, Howcast offers up instructional videos that can help you be an expert with well produced and straight to the point videos that really are pretty useful.

Finally, to really get buried in information overload, check out the Mentalfloss site.

They collect and regurgitate so many unrelated but surprisingly interesting facts that you can get lost for hours learning things like why we say "cheese" when having our pictures taken or clicking "the amazing fact generator" which generates random factoids that will turn you into a walking encyclopedia of pretty much useless information that you won't be able to resist sharing.

Wanna check all this out yourself? No problem. Head over to my PC Mike Tech Blog there's my address on your screen I've built direct links to everything you just saw.

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