Indy car crash caught on camera

Carl Daniel
Monday, October 7, 2013 - 10:29am

Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti is hospitalized following a serious crash at the Grand Prix of Houston. The wreck also injured 13 spectators, one man, who was standing track side at the time, caught the whole crash on camera, Andrew Spencer has his story.

Carl Daniel was filming the final lap of the Indy car race from behind a barricade next to the track, when this happened, a crash that shattered the car of Dario Franchitti, launching it into the barricades, right in front of Daniel, "That barricade just imploded in front of me. And there was no time to run, move left, right. ((butt with)) "The car literally exploded into pieces - it disintegrated right in front of me."

Daniel tells CNN, he and many others, were pelted by pieces of the car and other debris, "The fence literally went away and was thrown over my head into the grandstands behind me."

Daniel says there was only one thing running through his mind, "The biggest thing I thought at that time was life is over."

Fire officials say 13 spectators were hurt and remarkably only three were sent to the hospital.

Franchitti was awake and alert when he was taken to the hospital. Doctors say he's being treated for a concussion, spinal fracture, that won't require surgery and a fractured right ankle.

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