Woman Cuffed In Indian Lake

POSTED: Thursday, July 16, 2009 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

A town hall meeting in Indian Lake,now has an Elderly woman battling a Police Chief.
She claims, the Police Chief cuffed her, bruised her, and embarassed her, for speaking out.
The Police Chief says, there's more to the story...
He says, He was only doing his job.
Indian Lake resident, Eurline Atkins says at Monday's meeting she was speaking out against the Mayor for changing the locks on the doors at Town hall.
Atkins says, It wasn't fair to members of the Activities Committee, who could no longer get in.
Everyone's allowed to speak for three minutes.
After her time was up she said one more sentence.
That's when she says, the Chief decided it was time to cuff her.
"Well he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the front of the hall."
Eurline Atkins says she was publicly humiliated for speaking past her time limit.
"I finished my sentence, I walked away from the podium I turned, and I was four of five steps away when he reached up and grabbed me and dragged me. I was going this way and he wanted to go that way."
She says, Indian Lake's Chief of Police, John Chambers dragged her and handcuffed her, after the Mayor, Barbara Cullum ordered him to do so.
Chief Chambers says,"Basically she was hindering the public meeting we were conducting."
He goes on to say, "There was no excessive force on my part."
But, Atkins says, "Dirty, just dirty, I've never been handcuffed before. It was so un-neccessary other people have spoken after the time limit, it wasn't necessary for it to happen to me," she says.
She since, decided to file a formal complaint with the Cameron County Sheriff's Department.
Chief Chambers says, Atkins was acting out of line, and she'll be charged with disrupting a public meeting.
Still, Atkins, says, she won't back down anytime soon.
"I'll never stop fighting for what I believe in. You should never stop fighting for what you believe in, then if you do that, then we're all in trouble."
An Indian Lake Resident filmed the whole meeting.
That video is now being looked at by the Cameron County Sheriff's Department.

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