This inauguration, in hops we trust

This inauguration, in hops we trust
Friday, January 18, 2013 - 5:49pm

Monday marks the 57th Presidential Inauguration, where President Obama will once again assume the duties as commander in chief. Many people will judge President Obama's next four years on how well he handles issues like gun control, the economy, education and our involvement in the Middle East. But for me, I'll be judging his presidency on what the future holds for the next White House beer.

Last year, the White House released recipes for two of its home-brewed beers under the Freedom of Information Act. When the recipes were released, complete with a video showing the brewing process, I learned a very important thing about our President - the man cares about his beer! And, he shares three very important things that all Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent and Green Party craft beer drinkers care about - where the beer is from, how the beer is made and the quality of the beer.

Our country's presidents have a storied history with beer. George Washington was known to have loved porters and kept them stocked at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson had his own brewing facility in Monticello. James Madison tried unsuccessfully to appoint a Secretary of Beer to his cabinet. FDR signed the 21st Amendment which repealed prohibition. Jimmy Carter signed into law the bill that allowed home brewing. And, Barack Obama is the first known president to have his own beer brewed on White House property.

Under the leadership of President Obama, the White House has produced a total of three beers - a brown ale, blonde ale and a porter, all using honey that is harvested from the first ever beehive on the South Lawn. Obama surely has to be bored with just drinking three different types of beer, right? So, here's what I want to know - during the next four years what other beers are on the horizon for "The White House Brewery"? What about a honey stout along the lines of Olde Hickory's Imperial Stout? Or maybe an IPA brewed with honey like Bell's Hopslam? Or even the popular honey wheat style, similar to Rogue's Somer Orange Honey Wheat?

While I wait in anticipation for the next White House beer to be announced, below are some red, white and blue brews that are equally as valid:

  • Green Flash Hop Head Red
  • Allagash White
  • Cascade Blueberry
  • Diamond Beer Presidential IPA
  • Independence Pale Ale
  • RJ Rockers Bald Eagle
  • Stoudts American Pale
  • Yards Ales of the Revolution
  • Avery Ale to the Chief

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