Immigration Crisis

Immigration support groups rally against 20+ state lawsuit

The Equal Voice Network, a coalition of immigration support groups around the Rio Grande Valley are ready to let their voice be heard against the lawsuit going on inside Brownsville’s federal courthouse, Thursday morning.

Steel mesh being placed on border fence in Brownsville

The border wall in Brownsville is getting some improvements to deter people from climbing over it.

Brownsville mayor defends President Obama's executive immigration policies

Brownsville Mayor, Tony Martinez, has filed an amicus “friend of the court” brief in federal court on behalf of U.S.

Border Patrol Agents apprehend convicted sex offender

Border Patrol Agents in Weslaco apprehended a Mexican National convicted of sexual assault of a minor, on New Year's Eve. 

Border Patrol moving ahead for fiscal year 2015

"We are for the moment the tip of the spear, or the focus sector," said Oscar Saldana of U.S. Border Patrol.

Volunteers want a more humane way of tracking illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants passing through the Valley often only have the clothes on their backs. However, volunteers at Sacred Heart church in McAllen say in the last few weeks that has changed.

Border Patrol seeking new female agents

The Rio Grande Valley is home to 3,200 Border Patrol agents. Not many of them are female in fact only about 5% . However, the few that are proud to wear BP green say, their gender doesn't matter.

Border Patrol sees trend of speaker box smuggling in Falfurrias

Border Patrol Agents at the Falfurrias checkpoint intercepted to cases of smugglers using speaker boxes to hide people. 

Sec. Jeh Johnson visits McAllen after Obama's executive order

immigration speech. Homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, showed up in Mcallen to speak with agents. His visit is less than 24 hours after president Obama's executive order on immigration was announced.

Valley police chief hopes for clear answers in Obama's immigration address

President Obama will address the nation on immigration issues, Thursday night. He is expected to announce plans to fix the broken system.

Illegal immigrants found living in tents north of Edinburg

Just off Davis and Cesar Chavez Road north of Edinburg, illegal immigrants were living in squalor, in a tent city.

Government requests 34 million work and residency permits

Despite there being no official action from President Obama on immigration reform yet. The government is requesting suppliers for a 34 million work authorization permits.

Gov. Perry sends letter to Mexican President Peña Nieto, invites him to Texas

Gov. Rick Perry today sent the following letter to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto following the President's comments last week regarding Gov.

TX Department of Public Safety releases border security trends, recent activity

The Texas Legislature has requested that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) provide a publicly releasable summary of border incidents and a data report related to historical trends of crime along the Texas-Mexico border as well as curr

Secretary Johnson releases statement on situation along the Southwest border

I am pleased that in August the number of apprehensions along the southwest border declined again, reflecting a continued sharp decline in the number of unaccompanied children and adults with children apprehended while attempting to cross our s