Identity Thefts On The Rise

Friday, March 2, 2012 - 4:12pm

According to the Federal Trade Commission the state of Texas ranks 5th in in identity theft complaints with 24,162 and ranks 24th in nation for fraud complaints with 102,000.
In Brownsville officer Jose Trevino says his department has seen there far of people coming in with identity theft complaints.

"It becomes a nightmare for actual victim it will take a long time for the victim to get their record back to normal.

Trevino says a lot of identity theft cases are happening right now during tax season.

"People find out there social security number or information is being used somewhere else,the IRS requires to file a complaint every time someone else is using the information."

Trevino says if a person gets a hold of your social security card or personal information that could mean serious problems for you.

"Problems with credit reports, problems buying house or a car or big items because if the other parties using your social security card defaults on whatever they are doing whether they took out loans, you're the one that is going to be accountable."

Trevino says offers these tips to avoid being an identity theft victim.

"Anything that has your personal information date of birth that kind of stuff if your going to throw it away shred it or rip it up and try to get rid of it old credit card cut them up."

Trevino also adds to keep your social security in a safe place at home and not to carry it around with you

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