Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber helps diabetics in the Valley

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber helps diabetics in the Valley
Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 3:22pm

Oxygen… the fuel of life, and one of the keys to human healing. Wounded tissue needs Oxygen to repair itself. This hyperbaric oxygen chamber stimulates blood flow, which then carries additional Oxygen to wounds, which ultimately stimulates faster healing.

"In order to get this treatment you have to either have a bone infection or a diabetic foot ulcer."

"The special thing about this machine is that we know the patient’s with diabetic foot ulcers most likely have bad circulation and what this does is creates 100% pure oxygen."

40 sessions in the chamber are necessary to promote maximum healing. Each session lasts 90 minutes. But it's time well spent, since it can prevent some amputations in diabetic patients.

"Some patients see doctors and other patients don't see doctors and sometimes we see them when it's a little bit too late and their getting ready for amputation and they don't want amputation so our purpose and mission is to prevent amputation."

Unfortunately, this chamber rarely sits idle here in the Rio Grande Valley.

"It's very important because the majority of our patients in the valley have diabetes and the majority of patients have had diabetes for many years."

Diabetic patients should check their feet on a daily basis and look out for dark and shiny spots on the skin which can signify problems with blood circulation. Also doctors advise keeping a close watch for any scratches or cracks in the skin which can lead into an infection. Reporting from Brownsville Abigail Camilo, KVEO Newscenter 23.

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