Husband wants pregnant wife taken off life support, but law prevents it

Monday, December 23, 2013 - 5:43pm

A Texas man wants to let his wife die, he says she never wanted to be kept alive on life support, but doctors won't pull the plug, they can't because she is pregnant and Teresa Woodard reports taking her off life support is against the law.

Erick Munoz, Husband, "Hoping to see what it was gonna be."

Her pink and blue bracelets are now on his wrist and her wedding ring on his pinky, "Great mother. Great daughter. Great wife. Just... I can't say enough about her, and everything I do will always be short of what she was. I can't do her justice. Great woman. Great woman."

The wife he dearly loves is now being kept alive against his wishes and hers, "We had talked about it. We're both paramedics. We'd seen things out in the field. We both knew that we didn't want to be on life support."

Erick Munoz found Marlise unconscious on their kitchen floor in late November. She is still in ICU at JPS, still unresponsive, still on a ventilator, says Erick and doctors can't remove life support, because she's pregnant.

J.R. Labbe, JPS Hospital, "We have a responsibility to make sure we follow the laws whether state or federal when it comes to providing care to patients, and that's what we're doing in this case."

Texas law prohibits doctors from removing life support from any pregnant woman, even if that is against the mother's wishes.

Marlise is now about 18 weeks along, carrying a child Erick worries might have been critically injured in the womb, "You reach the point where you wish that your wife's body would stop."

He feels he needs to start grieving with 14 month old Mateo, "I walk in the door, and he's waiting for mama to show up somewhere. That's the hardest."

Searching for peace, "You can tell. You can see it in his eyes." and only finding pain.

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