Hurricane Season Begins June 1st, Judge Urges Residents to Get Prepared


POSTED: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 2:32pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 7:21am

Wednesday, June first marks the first official day of the 2011 hurricane season and it's predicted to be a very active one.

It's a year-long prepping process for Cameron County and right now they continue making preparations in case any of those major storms roll into the gulf.

"We're cleaning out our bar ditches, making sure equipment is ready, making sure we're fueled up, making sure all contingency plans are ready to go, " says Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos.

Nothing really new on the county's part, but some changes on the states part will affect residents. The point of distribution or PODS, which include water, food and ice will be reduced to only one here in the county and stationed in San Benito. Cascos says if a city needs supplies they'll have to come to the POD headquarters to load up.

That's how the county is preparing, so what about you?

"The responsibility starts at home," says Cascos.

He adds people need to start preparing now if they haven't already.

"Medical supplies, canned food, bottled water..." Just to name a few.

Residents also need to remember plywood for the windows, batteries and other hurricane survival supplies.

Another suggestion, Cascos says if you can, put back three or four dollars cash a week per family member to have in case you need it.

"Don't wait until there's a hurricane 200 miles off the coast making a B-line for south Texas because everyone’s going to be doing what you’re doing, going down to the local lumber store, going down to the local grocer, and you’re going to be stuck in line for two or three hours, so do it now if you can,” says Cascos.

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