Huge synthetic drug raid in Missouri

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 3:44pm

A drug ring is busted in Missouri.

Federal agents say they've broken up a large synthetic drug network in St. Louis.

The D.E.A., immigration authorities and even IRS agents were there to shut down the operation they say involved materials smuggled in from Asia.

This is a significant drug operation.

From Bomaritto Automotive sky you can see this building in Jefferson County is one of at least 8 places to be raided by federal agents in the St. Louis area. A source tells me this place is where the raw imported ingredients from Asia were stored. That some manufacturing of synthetic drugs took place here too.

We're not going to stop until we shut these operations down and then we're going to continue to go after the large scale importers of these illegal products and all of the distributors.

It frustrates him that young people think the synthetic drugs are safer than the real ones.

The emergency rooms are full of people that thought these were harmless drugs.

The feds believe the drug operation was multi state. Not only were D.E.A. agents involved in this raid so are homeland security, the sheriffs department and the I.R.S. and they've generated tremendous amounts of wealth.

He says agents have already confiscated millions and millions of dollars in cash and from bank accounts. Plus they've seized a huge amount of synthetic drugs.

This is developing so quickly that there's going to be, we'll be on this for a while.

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