HPV Vaccine Back in The National Spotlight

Friday, September 16, 2011 - 8:22am

Is it safe? A local professional reacts

Monday night's Republican Presidential debate put the safety of the HPV vaccine back in the national spotlight. Medical organizations nationwide defended the vaccine saying it has an excellent safety record.
Local professionals agree.

"It is a good healthy measure to protect yourself from this virus," said Patricio Gonzalez, Pharr Planned Parenthood CEO. "We feel it's a very good product and again it prevents cancer. We feel its a great life saving measure."

Since it was approved back in 2006, over 35 million people have received the dose.
Since there is no cure for the virus it was designed to protect young women against cervical cancer.

Gonzalez tells us the vaccine does not cause any other health problems and there is no scientific evidence linking the vaccine to any disease or abnormality.

Most states require younger children to have their mandatory vaccinations before the school year..
Some government officials proposed that the HPV shot should be mandatory as well. That's one thing Gonzalez doesn't agree with.

The FDA approved the vaccine for young men as well. Whether or not the shot will become mandatory for teenagers remains to be seen. Medical professionals still  insist it saves lives.

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