Hotline created for possible Filner victims

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 10:56am

Potential sexual harassment victims of San Diego mayor Bob Filner now have a confidential outlet to share their stories.

The county sheriff's office launched it.

Kristy Wolski explains how it works and just how the mayor is responding to all this.

Grabbed and kissed her jamming his tongue down her throat.

Serious sexual harassment allegations are still facing mayor Bob Filner. So far they are just allegations. Still, investigators are preparing in case an investigation is needed.

"We had the District Attorney, the chief of police, the sheriff, the state attorney general have been having dialog over the last few days."

Together the agencies decided the San Diego county sheriff's department will be the lead if an investigation is launched. Now potential victims have a safe and private way to come forward with information. New victims' hotline is available specifically for the Filner investigation.

"This is just for ease of reporting, confidentiality and to help people feel safe."

The hotline number is 619-481-0220.

You will be connected with the central investigations division to file your confidential report, and if needed they'll bring you in for further discussion with detectives.

So what does the mayor think of the new hotline? Friday evening he released a statement saying: "I very much welcome the fact that some of these allegations will finally be addressed by an appropriate investigative authority rather than by press conference and innuendo. as i have stated before, everyone deserves due process and i am encouraged an effort to implement that has begun."

There's no work yet on if or when sexual harassment lawsuit will be filed.





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