Hot temperatures affecting undocumented immigrants

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POSTED: Monday, August 5, 2013 - 4:35pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 7:37am

It's a brutal trek especially in the summer for undocumented immigrants trying reach the American dream.
They must travel across the dangerous Rio Grande and through rough terrain.
US Border Patrol agent Daniel Tirado says undocumented immigrants will come from countries as far away s Guatemala and El Salvador hoping to head north to cities like Houston.
Last week five people lost their lives trying to make the trek.
One of the first major obstacles they must go through is the Rio Grande.

"The Rio Grande looks pretty calm from the top but underneath the currents are very strong and they could very easily take down a strong swimmer." Said Tirado.

If the undocumented immigrants gets across the Rio Grande they must walk through dangerous terrain and wait to get picked up by a smuggler, who takes them to a stash house along border.
Once at a stash house sometimes as many as hundreds of undocumented immigrants stay together in small houses in horrible living conditions, as they wait to get transported further north.

“A lot of time they are kept in these places for numerous days without adequate food or water, now their health is starting to deteriorate being at these stash houses without food or water."

The next part of the journey is one of the toughest parts of the trek.
Dozens of undocumented are packed in SUV’s and trucks and dropped off before to the Falfurrias check point. To avoid the check point they must walk around it, walking miles and miles through the brush.

Temperatures will reach over 100 degrees, many times the undocumented will have little or no water during the trek.
Last year more than 120 bodies have been recovered, and border patrol has rescued more 600 people.
Despite the risk undocumented immigrants continue to take the risk.

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