Hot Check Phone Scam


POSTED: Friday, April 1, 2011 - 12:11pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 18, 2011 - 7:06pm

"She gave the number 877-509-3180 I called the County Check Division and said your not on record for a hot check"

This is Moe Canales from Harlingen. He says he got a call from a Caroline Foster from a private number saying she was with a private locating service and that he violated the Texas Penal Code and said she was going to issue a summons for writing a hot check.

"I know something's wrong she gave me a number 1-877-509-3180 when I called they told me I had a balance of $1,200 and said right away give me your bank account number and checking number. I said give me proof."

Canales says the caller refused to give him a fax of the paper work or an address of the company, but the calls didn't stop after the first one they called Canales again this time at work.

"Stop me at work my supervisors do not like it and she said I have a summons for you, I am going to come to work and give you a summons, after this workI said I am going to the Attorney General, I am going to file a complaint and right away I was talking over her and said she would seize all calls."

Canales said when he contacted the Cameron County Hot Check Department and they told him had not have any hot checks Canales told them he recieved a call from a 800 number saying he did. The department says many people have been coming to them with the same problem.

"The courthouse says it's all a scam and for me to make a police report maybe contact the FBI as well, because they say they people going to them and say them have been threatened."

Canales wants to let the public know about this scam so people do not give their bank account numbers to the wrong people.

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The company Signature Management Solutions was a SCAM. I'm glad they went out of business. Some angry worker at SMS contacted me back in Sept 2010 about a hot check I had written, but he refused to provide me proof by mail, email, or fax. They claimed that they had a summons to give me if I didn't pay, and I told him to go ahead and provide me with the summons. He never showed up to my house or work. I did check Signature Management Solutions on the BBB website, and it is out of business.

maybe we should dig deeper on the accuser...from what i found is that the accuser DID have a hot check, but in reality it was a breach of contract on cash advances that were obtained by the accuser then were defaulted on,in which a check was used to secure acct, so i think the scam is actually reversed...we need to look at the big picture and realize that these people are single handedly take our country down and then have the balls to go to the news and claim "they" are being scammed.

Wow! Where did you find out this info? Can you verify the hot check on file? Because Signature Management Solutions would not verify this debt. When I notified the FBI on this company, the phone # 877-509-3180 stopped working, and now it belongs to a different company. And if you look under the Better Business Bureau, the company Signature Management Solutions is OUT OF BUSINESS. Check it out: and type Signature Management Solutions. It is located in Amherst, NY.

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