Homeowner Shoots Suspected Burglars

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 9:38am

PHARR - Kids weren't playing in the streets and enjoying summer Tuesday morning in a Pharr neighborhood.

When asked 'Do you feel safe in this neighborhood?' Marissa Alvarez answered, "Not right now."

Alvarez is scared, with three kids, she is horrified to learn of another burglary in her neighborhood. In just six months there have been three break-ins.

The one Tuesday morning happened at 700 West Bronze Avenue.

But what makes this home burglary different, is that the homeowner didn't just stand by and get robbed. When he felt threatened by three suspected burglars, he went and reached for his gun.

"He felt for his life, he felt that his life was in jeopardy, went and armed himself with a firearm, shot through a door, and shot one of the three individuals," said Chief Ruben Villescas, Pharr Police.

The bullet he fired hit one of the suspects in the head. The second suspect he held at gunpoint until the police arrived on scene. And unfortunately, the third suspect managed to run away. Police said homeowners have a right to protect themselves.

"Just like any other case, when there is an actually shooting we will evaluate it, we also speak to the district attorney's office and evaluate it, every case is on a case by case basis, anytime they do have victim's shooting a suspect. But in this case, I'll tell you that everything points to, it was uh it was an incident where the victim had no other choice, and with everything he felt his life was in jeopardy," said Villescas.

Alvarez. who was a victim of burglary last year, is happy the homeowner defended his property.

"If he crosses your property he has no right. you have to protect yourself," said Alvarez.  

A position Alvarez and others in the neighborhood share.

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