Homeless Man Rescued After Attaching 'Help' Note To Dog

Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 1:28pm

TUMWATER, WASHINGTON - Dogs have long been known to fetch things usually sticks to toys.

But as Chris Legeros reports, one canine in Washington has that beat after fetching some much-needed medical treatment for its owner.

A woman spotted a dog, an australian shepherd mix, with a note attatched to its harness. She dialed 9-1-1.

"hi okay, this is really weird, but um there is like um, kind of a homeless dog that i see around lately, and um, I think he has a homeless owner."

"in big letters, it says 'HELP'."

Tumwater Police Detective Jen Kolb showed us the note.

"and on one end it says, 'Send help, no joke, cannot walk."

Scrawled on a piece of paper

"and on the other side, it says, "Medicine not working, need doctor."

The problem was, the note wasn't signed. Police had no idea where the note came from . They heard a homeless man with a dog was often seen in this area.

"and I saw that guy the other day on crutches, walking up a hill, so I don't know like maybe he can't move."

They eventually found him in this eleborate camp in the woods.

The homeless man was treated at a hospital and released. He declined to give an interview, saying he just wanted to be left alone with his dog, buddy.

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