Homeland Security to Gate Border Fence Gaps

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 7:37am

Forty-four gaps that will be closed off along the border fence from Cameron to Hidalgo county; 32 of those, right here on Cameron County.

"It does no good to have the fence and then a 21 foot gap every half mile or every mile," says Cameron County Judge, Carlos Cascos.

Homeland Security is now moving forward with completing the gates. Gates will be installed in order to still allow access to the other side.

"The plan had always been to install these gates at certain points for several reasons, to allow border patrol and law enforcement to be able to access the riverside, the levee side and also to allow those folks who are farming on the other side of the fence to give them access," says Judge Cascos.

Cascos adds completing the fence will not only tighten security but free up agents to actually patrol up and down the river.

"Sometimes you can find border patrol agents sitting at the gate entrance for hours at a time, that's a waste of personnel," says the judge.

Cascos does add, even with the gaps, Customs agents say the border fence has already proven successful.

“The one thing they have said is that the border fence has been able to funnel and pretty much steer some of the crossings of drugs into the land ports of entry," explains Cascos.

Because of this, the judge says reports show drug seizures have increased.

It's expected that the gates will likely be installed within the next three to six months.

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