Home Builder leaves couple with unfinished business

Home Builder leaves couple with unfinished business

POSTED: Friday, August 22, 2014 - 3:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 25, 2014 - 8:05am

What happens when your home builder promises you a dream home and then disappears on you?

For Rogelio and Isabel de la Garza, above is a picture of their dream home. Unfortunately, they may no longer get to live in it.

“We’ve been wanting this for years already we finally got somebody who we thought was gonna be able to make our dreams come true, and he just shattered our dreams.”

Back in January the de la Garza’s contracted a home builder, paid him money to have a finished home by April.

And now, workers have stopped showing up and are demanding money that was never paid.

“We gave him the money to pay for the material for our house, he stashed the money and got everything out on credit and now these people are coming after us,” said Isabel.

The contractor whose company has three different names has stopped taking phone calls and is nowhere to be seen. All that is left at his old office… is an eviction notice.

“There’s no way of contacting him. He’s hiding,” said Isabel.

The de la Garza family has already lost more than $123,000 dollars in an unfinished dream home, the question now is who will help them and where to go from here.

The Better Business Bureau was an answer. The de la Garza’s have already filed a complaint.

“What we do is work with both parties to get a resolution that’s good for both,” said Dolores Salinas, President of the Better Business Bureau in South Texas.

The Better Business Bureau looks to make the de la Garza’s an example.

“Bottom line, you need to do some investigation, you need to do your homework when hiring someone, especially someone you don’t know,” said Salinas.

As for the de la Garza’s, they must continue to find a way to make their dream home a reality.

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Wow how could they be so dumb as to give him all the money, and the dream home looks like a obra home.

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