Holly Bobo One Year Later

Monday, April 16, 2012 - 11:21am

Community rallies on first anniversary of Tennessee student's disappearance.

One year ago, nursing student Holly Bobo disappeared from her home in Darden, Tennessee.

On Friday the community came together to bring new hope for her return.

Hundreds of bikers for Holly Bobo cruised along the highway, some carrying banners with her photo and pink ribbons.

"The more frustrating it gets, the more people put out," said biker Jeremy Ward. "Everybody keeps trying. You got to, why not? You can't give up, not in a situation like this."

They gathered in the parking lot at Corinth Baptist Church in Darden, the Bobo family's church.

"My daughter wanted me here," said biker Tom Milan. "She was Holly's teacher in nursing school."

Inside the church, Holly Bobo's mother and father made it clear they want their daughter back.

"It has been a year since our daughter, Holly, was taken from us," said Karen Bobo.

"We know a year seems long to many of you, but for us, Holly's family, each day seems like an eternity without Holly," said Dana Bobo.

Holly Bobo was last seen being led into the woods by a man in camouflage.

A massive and lengthy search turned up hundreds of tips.

A $250,000 reward did not lead investigators to Holly Bobo.

Hundreds stood in front of the high school where Holly Bobo graduated with pink balloons displaying her name and information.

They let them go hoping the right person will find one and tell someone what happened to her.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said there are no new leads in Holly Bobo's disappearance, but agents are still working on tips almost every day.

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