Hikers lost due to government shutdown, resources weren't there

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 10:02am

The partial government shutdown was nearly a matter of life or death for an Arkansas couple.

Cathy Frye and her husband are recovering after getting lost at Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas.

After a few days went by, her husband went to look for help, but when he returned with rescuers they could not find Cathy.

She spent two more days alone with no food and water before finally being rescued Sunday.

The couple says if it were not for the government shutdown they might have been discovered much quicker, "The other thing that real honestly concerned me, knowing that this was all in play. Once we did go missing was that the best facility in terms of aircraft and search and rescue teams belongs to that national park and I knew that here we were out there missing. And while the state park might very well turn to the Big Ben National Park as it has in the past, those resources were not going to be there like they would have and that did weigh heavily on my mind."

The couple was on an annual anniversary trip to Big Bend National Park,  but were kicked out last week because of the shutdown, so they decided to hike in the state park instead.

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