Hikers Found Alive

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 1:06pm

Men missing in Montana's Glacier National Park reunited with family after rescue.

Glacier National Park Staff say searchers located missing hikers Neal Peckens and Jason Hiser at about 3:30 pm on Monday.

Park staff say the men are doing well, and did not suffer any injuries.

The two had been hiking in the Two Medicine area in the park's east side.

Their families reported them missing on Friday after they missed their flight back to Virginia.

Glacier National Park spokeswoman Denise Germann said park staff members are ecstatic about the incident's happy ending.

"It was just shouts of joy and high-fives and goose-bumps on the back of your neck and down your arams, just to know that they were found, they were found alive," said Germann.

"They're out of the backcountry with their family right now so things couldn't be better," she added.

The men's families are also overjoyed with the search's conclusion.

"Debbie, who is Neal's wife, she was just laughing and crying at the same time and she just said just so quietly 'They've been found,'" said Liz Briscoe, Pecken's Sister-in-Law.

"We always complained because Neal spends too much money on his camping equipment and all that money came in [handy] really well this time, because he had extra blankets and special equipment to keep them warm," said Briscoe.

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