Highway Fawn Rescued

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 2:28pm

Transportation workers pull tiny deer stuck between concrete barriers to safety.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation workers found a deer in an unusual spot Monday morning.

The little deer was stuck inside a tight space right up against one of these zipper lane barriers.

The highway workers who found it said over the years they’ve found cats, dogs, even ducks in the zipper lane but never a deer.

“She's healthy, in good shape,” said Officer Jack Chapin of Massachusetts Environmental Police.

“It’s a poor little animal in distress, and it's scared and frightened. It's only about a month old. It wants it's mommy. So we got to help it out,” said Bob Polchlopek, a zipper lane vehicle operator.

Polchlopek and Robbie Bodoin, who operate the big truck that moves the cement barriers in the HOV lane, were just about to open up the lane for the morning commute when they spotted the fawn in a tight space underneath the Furnace Brook Bridge on the expressway.

“She was right between the HOV wall, which was in the closed position under the bridge and the Furnace Brook Parkway. There was no way to lay down or walk. We think she was just stuck there,” said Bodoin.

The two men got out and carefully picked up the deer and brought it inside the vehicle and continued opening up the zipper lane.

“We were nervous at first. When I put her into the cab of the machine, she ran around for a few minutes and she opened the last quarter mile with us and the machine. But then she laid down and relaxed,” said Bodoin.

The highway workers said if they hadn't rescued the fawn, she probably would have been killed in rush hour traffic.

Environmental police showed up and released the deer back into the wild.

“We're going to take her to blue hill where there is a large group of deer. And we'll put her there,” said Officer Chapin.

“She looks great. She's real healthy,” said Chapin.

“It’s quite interesting. It's not every day you get to help a deer out like that, any animal,” said Polchlopek.

The deer was released into the wild.

Environmental police said they are confident that the fawn’s mother will eventually find her.

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