High-Tech Smugglers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 9:24am

HIDALGO CO- Smugglers are utilizing the latest technology to help them avoid law enforcement and get their contraband across the Rio Grande.  Smugglers are using mobile phones and smart phones to communicate with each other that's according to an article by Mobiledia out Tuesday.

Silence is key, or so they think in order to get away with transporting their narcotics or migrants across the border. The article calls the smugglers using the high tech phones, 'Cybercoyotes'. Rosalinda Huey with the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector says their agents see these types of acts daily in the field.

"Communication is obviously key in their game. so we've seen them use anywhere from radios to cell phones in order to communicate they have a counter surveillance on us as we have surveillance on them. so their trying to bring their commodity across and use practically any means to do so," said Huey.

Border Patrol officials said that smugglers have a lot of money and have the technology to counter-surveil, watching their every move.

"They pay people to watch border patrol agents and give our locations out.  We have them laying in on the river or across on the south side in trees looking out for us. so their watching to see what we're doing. as we're watching to see what their doing," said Huey.

However border patrol keeps a close watch on a smuggler's new tactics and are a step ahead of the cat and mouse game.

"We have our night vision goggle, infrared cameras detecting people coming illegally into the country we have different methods we use to apprehend the smugglers as well and commodity their bringing into the United States," said Huey.

The article also mentioned that even though law enforcement is a step ahead of the game and catching on the latest smuggler's strategy---the criminals are coming up with new innovative ways to continue their illegal operations.

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