High School Students Pay For College With Cosmetology License

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 9:28am

LA JOYA - Paying for college todays isn't easy. Many students rely on big loans and help from their parents.
But in the Valley, some students are literally curling and cutting their way through their college bills.

News Center 23 Reporter Erin Murray has the details.

The cosmetology program at La Joya ISD is giving students the skills to pay for their future.

"I work now, I work now to pay my college, pay college, to pay the university. and to just have a better future, to have a career," said Abigail Leal, Licensed Cosmetologist.

Leal cuts hair, paints nails and a lot more at a local beauty salon, so that she can pay for her education. She is studying to become a cosmetology instructor.

She got a basic cosmetology license when she attended La Joya High School, and the Cosmetology Instructor there said the students learn the same curriculum that is offered at any other private Cosmetology University.

"I tell my students you need to want to be here. don't be here because your parents want you here," said Gloria Cantu, La Joya High School Cosmetology Instructor.  

All three high schools in La Joya ISD have a cosmetology program for students, but spaces are limited. Cantu said she already has freshman signing up two years ahead of time.

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