High-ranking officers of Lakeland PD are facing sexual misconduct allegations

High-ranking officers of Lakeland PD are facing sexual misconduct allegations
Friday, June 28, 2013 - 10:41am

Florida state attorney alleges sexual misconduct in Lakeland Police Dept.

"The conduct alleged is an embarrassment."

"It hurts. It's a very difficult punch in the stomach."

Pained reactions from Lakeland leaders to a revealing report from the state attorney's office highlighting a sex scandal among employees spanning years...And a woman who finally came forward

Because she "Feels like she's been victimized, sexually harassed, taken advantage of. She now wants something to be done about it."

"We've got concerns. That's pretty evident from everything that's gone on this year."

And after investigations that have gone on within -- and about -- Lakeland PD this year the state attorney's office is issuing a stern warning: Don't brush these issues aside.

" You had a police officer that did a bad search -- scoot that over. You have a police officer that maybe submitted bad paperwork and testified inappropriately -slide that over. Well, you've got a sex scandal. You've got to quit compartmentalizing at some point and say this is the big picture of what we're dealing with in Lakeland."

Because of the state attorney's findings uncovering sexually suggestive behavior that sometimes wasn't consensual.

Three police employees are on leave with pay. Including Captain John Thomason who talked with reporters just days ago about a different police investigation.

"We have had employees who have engaged in conduct that is not appropriate. Not appropriate for our profession or this police department and they have been dealt with appropriately."

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