High incidences of stroke reported in RGV

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POSTED: Monday, July 22, 2013 - 4:22pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 8:21am

“Actually in Texas, it’s the number three reason for death, so it’s a very debilitating disease and a very deadly disease if left unchecked.”

So if you're a Valley resident, you may be even more susceptible to stroke than the average American.

“There’s a high prevalence of stroke in the Rio Grande Valley because of multiple reasons. One: genetics, two: our diets, we have very fatty foods in our diets and a high prevalence of diabetes as well as high blood pressure.”

“Signs of a stroke can include sudden weaknesses in your legs, arms or face. But if those signs go unchecked, you could be left dead or disabled.”

“Immediately call 911, get to your closest emergency room and then they’ll take you to your closest stroke center. And basically as long as you get treatment within the three and a half to four hour window, or if you come here, we have a longer time window to treat you, you will usually improve at least 30-40 percent more likely to improve than if you didn’t get treatment at all.”

While nothing can be done about our age or genetics, there are simple strides you can take to try to live a stroke-free life.

“If we try to exercise a little bit more and try to eat healthier diets, we can get- we can decrease our stroke risk.”

Reporting in Harlingen, Marty Watson, KVEO News Center 23.

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