High Court Begins New Term

Monday, October 4, 2010 - 4:04pm

New Justice Elena Kagan takes her place on the bench.

The Supreme Court is back in session, this time with newest member Elena Kagan on the bench.

Among the cases before the court this term is one centering on a protest at Marine Matthew Snyder's funeral.

Organizers claim the deaths are a result of the military's tolerance of gays.

Snyder's father sued, saying the circus like atmosphere ruined the service and shouldn't be considered free speech.

Another case parents will be watching closely involves violent video games.

Game makers have issued a challenge to California's law restricting their sale, saying that should be up to parents not states.

New Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan will not sit for every case.

She's recusing herself from those she worked on in her previous role at the Justice Department.

That will leave just eight justices and the possibility of ties on some cases.

"It's true that she won't be participating in one out of three cases, but there are going to be 50 cases that she's in and she's going to have an immediate impact on the law," notes Supreme Court expert Tom Goldstein.

On the cases Kagan does hear she will likely be the most watched member, with everyone trying to get a read on how she'll vote on future issues likely to come before the court.

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