Hidalgo County's E-Juror Program Succeeding

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 8:38am

HIDALGO - The District Clerk in Hidalgo county is happy to report that residents are using the new E-Juror system that makes the jury process more efficient.

Before the system, potential jurors were having to wait long periods of time at the courthouse before they went into the courtroom. Now by going online, potential jurors can qualify themselves, disqualify themselves or even reschedule their jury duty. Hidalgo District Clerk Laura Hinojosa stated, "We had no idea that people would respond as positively and as quickly as they have. We send out two thousand summons every week and they are sent out three weeks ahead of time."

In the two or three days of receiving these summons, 98 people have already responded online. The new system is still in the early stages, but within the next two years the District Clerk hopes jurors will be able to qualify themselves and go straight to court. For more information on the site visit: http://ejuror.co.hidalgo.tx.us:8080/hidalgo/webapp/login

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