Hidalgo County to File Lawsuit on Census Results

Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 10:16am

The U.S. Census Bureau results are causing quite the commotion in Hidalgo county after city officials say thousands of people didn't receive the slip and reporter Joangel Concepcion explains how Hidalgo county wants a re-count.

According to the Census, Hidalgo county has a population of 774,769 people, that's a 36% increase within the last ten years, but many officials in Hidalgo county says the numbers are wrong. They say for every person that didn't fill out a Census form, the city loses up to $10,000 dollars over the ten year period and with over 200,000 missing people in the Census, the city will take a big hit.

Judge Ramon Garcia couldn't say why this happened, but local organizations blame the Census Bureau because residents in rural areas were promised questionnaires, but never received them. City officials plan to file a lawsuit some time this week and it wouldn't be the first time its been done. With the large amount of  people not being counted city officials will do whatever it takes to get the proper funding for Hidalgo county.

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