Hidalgo County residents continue struggling with flood


POSTED: Friday, July 2, 2010 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 3, 2010 - 9:22am

We re-visited one of the worst flooded colonias in Hidalgo County, where residents of Alamo City's outskirts were almost waist deep in waters yesterday. News Center 23 Reporter Daisy Martinez has the story of how residents are holding up.

It was a much different scene today when we arrived at El Jay Drive: Yesterday residents here had to make their way home by crossing nearly waist-high waters, some were even evacuated by boat.

But today the high water was gone, county officials sent pumper trucks to the area yesterday to vacuum the murky waters and although at a quick glance it seemed like just a thunderstorm had passed by the area, a closer look revealed the damage.

"I’m happy in a way because I understand we weren’t' the only ones affected by the flood waters but if the county had listened to us when we first reported the rising waters maybe they wouldn't have made it into our homes."

But the water did make it into Teresa Barrera’s home....she says after Hurricane Dolly FEMA gave her 11-thousand dollars to replace her furniture and other items ruined by the flood waters.

Barrera says she has already called FEMA who told her they could be in the area to asses damage in about 72 hours. Still she says she and her neighbors do not want to be asking for help, what they want is a third flood to be avoided.

'I would like the county to please pay more attention to our colonia, I lived here during Hurricane Gilbert in 88 and this didn't happen, and now it happens twice in less than 2 years? My question is why?? The county needs to figure out why this is happening."

And as neighbors continued their clean up efforts, help from the American Red Cross arrived...at least 100 American Red Cross workers were sent to the valley.

'"To help provide comfort, care and support for the victims of the flooding, the hurricane, but now mostly flooding."

The ARC will visit different areas affected by the rain Hurricane Alex brought to hand out supplies.

"We’re distributing water, clean up kits that contain a mop; some bleach some rubber gloves, just things to help clean up and some snacks"

"I think it's very good because we are going to get a lot of infection because of all the water there was"

And while residents here can only continue to pick up where they all left off, they seemed to agree on one thing:

"A lot more help, because the houses are full of water all the stuff and furniture got wet so we do need more help."

Reporting in Hidalgo County Daisy Martinez, News Center 23.

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