Heroes In The Swarm

Friday, September 16, 2011 - 10:03am

Trio brave massive swarm of bees to save wheelchair bound friend.

Beekeepers have removed tens of thousands of bees that sent four people to the hospital when their hive in a Santa Ana, California storage yard was disturbed Thursday.

“A lot of bees,” said Jose Flores.

The bees swarmed and attacked Flores and three others.

Flores, his father, and a co-worker were able to run away but his brother Carlos, confined to a wheelchair, couldn’t escape.

Realizing Carlos was stuck, the three others went back into the swarm to pull him out.

“We counted seven or eight times they had to throw him down like a sack of potatoes and run away screaming, batting the bees away, rolling on the ground, as though they were burning in a fire,” recounted witness Walter Stevens.

All four were transported to an area hospital.

Ironically, Carlos was stung only a few times, his father, however was stung over 60 times and went into a state of shock.

He was the only one still in the hospital Thursday evening.

Experts believe the bees are likely European honeybees, but that is not yet confirmed.

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