Hernandez friend cooperating with investigators

Hernandez friend cooperating with investigators
Sunday, July 7, 2013 - 11:53am

Potentially incriminating evidence mounts as the case against former New England Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez moves forward.

CNN's Susan Candiotti reports more questions arise about a man who may be playing a key role in the investigation.

Not much is known about Carlos Ortiz, but what we know is intriguing.

The District Attorney identifies Ortiz as one of two men in a car with accused murderer Aaron Hernandez the night Odin Llyod was gunned down execution style.

"There was a conversation that occurred in the car where he gets into argument with the victim."

How might investigators know about what went on in the car?

A law enforcement source tells CNN Ortiz is cooperating with authorities, but won't go further.

"If Ortiz is a cooperating witness that's a big, big break for prosecutors."

Ortiz, for now, faces only an illegal weapons charge for allegedly telling police he was carrying a gun the day Lloyd was murdered.

Ortiz pleaded not guilty to the gun charge, his attorney declined comment to CNN.

According to a search warrant, Ortiz told police the day after Lloyd's murder, he and Hernandez drove to a two bedroom apartment.

Police call it a flop house. Documents show the football player leased it almost 20 miles from his luxury home, no explanation why.

A neighbor says she barely saw the famous renter.

"No suspicious activity, no girls, nothing other than just typical guy stuff. A little bit loud, a little bit of cigarette smoke, a little bit of maybe pot, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a bunch of guys."

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty. Lloyd's murder investigation is now moving to the grand jury stage.

CNN has learned a grand jury already is calling witnesses, some scheduled to appear within the next two weeks.

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