Help For Lost Eyebrows

Monday, November 14, 2011 - 9:34am

New transplant procedure can replace lost or thinning eyebrows.

For years Sarah Tirosh dealt with something millions of women and men suffer from: Thinning eyebrows.

Sarah found her solution when she met Dr. Sanusi Umar, who says he developed a procedure to solve the problem.

"We take one hair at a time and plant it in the area of need, and in this case is the eyebrow," he explains.

Sarah remained awake for the procedure, which Dr. Umar began minutes after numbing her skin.

In the first part of the procedure Dr. Umar removes the hair from the back of the neck.

That hair has the same texture and nature as eyebrows.

Since Umar transplants one hair at a time it's a tedious long process, taking almost three hours.

Sarah believes it was worth it.

She now has full, natural looking eyebrows.

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