Held Hostage

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 12:40pm

Security tapes show brazen bank robbery that ended with fatal shootout.

Maryland police have released security camera video of a brazen bank robbery that ended with a fatal shootout.

The security camera images show how the morning of January 28th went from routine, to terrifying, for customers and employees inside the Capitol One Bank in Takoma Park.

A man in a tan coat with the hood pulled up enters the bank and announces a robbery.

He brandishes a gun at two tellers and orders them and the customers to leave.

He then directs the remaining teller to fill a duffle bag with money.

She struggles with him, but eventually complies.

All the while, a small army of police officers has begun surrounding the bank in response to 911 calls.

The suspect exits the doors of the bank with the gun held to the teller's head.

Seconds later, an exploding red dye pack adds to the surreal nature of the scene.

One wrong move could result in the death of the hostage or a police officer.

Instead, it is the suspect who slips on a patch of snow.

The hostage runs for her life.

When the suspect pursues and points a gun at her, he is shot by police.

Carlos Espinoza Arcia died of his injuries.

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