Heat Kills Sweets

Friday, July 6, 2012 - 12:13pm

Heat forces chocolatier to close shop; treats melt on the shelf, not in your mouth.

The 100-plus degree temperatures have taken its toll on just about everything, including a small chocolate store in Indianapolis.

After the store's air conditioning malfunctioned, the only way to save the delicious treats was to close up and try to keep the candy cool.

"The air conditioning is on. It's set at 68 degrees, which is what chocolate likes," says Nancy Bain, owner of "The Best Chocolate in Town".

It the temperature creeps above 72 degrees the candies will soften and their taste will change.

That happened when their air conditioner malfunctioned.

"I knew right away that we couldn't open," Bain says.

They moved everything to the back of the shop, where it's a few degrees cooler, but couldn't risk the rush of warm air sweeping in every time a customer opened the door.

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