The Heat Is On

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - 8:47am

Record temperatures and western wildfires mark the start of summer.

The 17 hours of sunlight that will shine on this first day of summer make it the longest of they year, and for many it'll also be the hottest.

In Chicago, where it'll be the third straight day of temperatures well into the 90s, the timing for repairs at municipal pools could not be worse.

In neighboring Iowa, Barry Andrew's 1,500 acres of corn are threatened not only by heat, but by drought that started long before this first day of summer.

"We've had some hot, dry years but nothing quite like this," he says.

The sun will beat down again on the Northeast today, too, where highs of 100 are possible.

Meanwhile firefighters out west will again do battle with enormous wildfires.

A 92 square-mile blaze in northern Colorado might claim more homes today after leveling around 190 of them already.

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