Health Care Repeal

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 9:49am

A big test of civility, as GOP lawmakers in the house attempt to repeal the health care bill.

Civil, but firm, as later today House republicans will argue the new health law could stretch the nation's already thin bottom line.

Republican Strategist Amy Holmes said, "It is far to early to tell if there are economic positives to this."

The Congressional budget office says getting rid of health care will add 230 billion to America's debt.

Republicans have the votes to repeal it in the House, probably not in the Senate and certainly not enough to override a presidential veto.

Assistant to the President for Special Projects Stephanie Cutter said, "The President has made it clear that he is not going back."

So why vote at all?

"To build support then for reform efforts following this vote, and potentially repeal in 2012," said Holmes.

Dan Balz of The Washington Post said, "I think that the deeply felt feelings about the health care bill on both sides will come out in this debate so it will be real test."

Today's health care debate may be the ultimate test of whether lawmakers can disagree peaceably.

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