Healing A Broken Heart

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 10:56am

Unique "tap" therapy uses acupressure points and positive thinking to heal broken hearts.

Are you stressed? Depressed? In a bad mood? Maybe even heartbroken?

Why not try tapping?

Some patients are finding success with a mind body technique that uses breathing exercises coupled with imagery and tapping on the 15 acupressure points in the body while repeating positive affirmations.

"It's some ancient wisdom and modern science combined," says psychologist Dr. George Pratt.

He says emotional self-management will help alleviate panic attacks, depression, jet lag, anxiety and anger.

"This is an anti-anxiety treatment point, if you're tapping a point it is decreasing stress response. Its decreasing the servi-cortisol which creates fight or flight so you're feeling relaxed and it opens up other ways of your brain working," Dr. Pratt explains.

He says the change in brain chemistry can be seen in an fmri, a scan of the brain that shows what happens to parts of the brain after treatment.

"No hocus pocus, this is a hard science and an exciting time to have a problem because you can do something about it in an easier way," he says.

There are critics who describe this as pseudo-scientific, saying it may be the result of a placebo effect and being distracted from negative thoughts.

Dr. Pratt says there are many studies on this technique showing it's benefit and prestigious hospitals are using it to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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