Have Yourself An EcoFriendly Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2011 - 7:58am

"Living" Christmas trees are growing in popularity.

In the spirit of celebrating a "green" Christmas, Californians can now pick out a live holiday tree and then recycle it for next year, too.

The Living Christmas Company's founder, Scott Martin, is a landscape architect for most of the year, but now through Christmas he is "Scotty Claus".

He and his elves brings a little extra life to the holidays with his living Christmas trees.

"Having something alive in the corner room is a whole different experience than having something that's slowly dead, or plastic, and not giving back to the room at all," said Martin.

Martin has been working in and around nurseries since he was a teenager.

He actually used to deliver cut trees himself.

For the past three years, his Living Christmas Company has been growing.

A sign of the times: there is a distribution center in Culver City, California but most people choose to purchase their tree online.

They can pick the variety and height they prefer and, within 48 hours, it's delivered directly to their home.

If you still like to pick your tree in person, you can find some at the weekend farmers markets in Santa Monica or Playa Vista.

If you're excited about a new earth-friendly holiday tradition, the company will pick up the tree after the holidays.

If all goes well during the year, you can get the same tree back next Christmas.

"To a kid, this makes sense," said Martin. "The other practice doesn't make sense. You used to cut down a tree and bring it back home. That's what your dad used to do. That's what your grandfather used to do. That just doesn't make sense to me."

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