Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 9:13am

North Carolina worker files lawsuit against employer claiming fellow employee came to work in KKK t-shirt with noose around neck

(WCNC) A North Carolina man is suing a Concord, North Carolina company over racial discrimination.

He says a coworker at Overcash Gravel & Grading Company put KKK on his shirt and a noose around his neck. Now he's claiming he was fired for taking pictures of the racial incident.

"Knowing I'm the only black in there, because if there were other blacks in the work place he wouldn't have done that," said Haywood Brown.
Haywood Brown says he was discriminated against while working at Overcash Gravel & Grading Company, and the worst of it was the picture he took with his cell phone of his coworker, Dell Bailey. It shows Bailey with KKK written in masking tape on his shirt, a towel wrapped like a white hood and a rope draped over like a noose.
"When I came back in there, all the other white guys in there--they laughed at it, and thought it was so funny, and by me feeling humiliated and degraded upon," said Brown.
The incident happened in June of last year. Two months later, Brown was let go but the president of the company says Brown was friends with Bailey and says the two staged the picture as a joke.

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