Harlingen Taking Measures Against Mosquitoes

Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 9:23am

Extra rain and humidity mean extra mosquitoes and bug bites.  However, Harlingen officials have already begun spraying to minimize these pesky insects.

"We try to keep the mosquitoes from hatching and that is the most effective method," says Harlingen Environmental Health Director Ramiro Gonzales. 

Gonzales and his crew began a city-wide spraying process last night that uses over 120 gallons of repellent. The spray should reduce the numbers of mosquitoes in the area significantly but Gonzales encourages locals to call in about problem areas.

"We will do spot spraying depending on calls," says Gonzales.  "Mosquitoes need water to breath so we encourage people to work with us on source reduction and get rid of standing water."

According to Gonzales, standing water is where mosquitoes both breed and hatch. These areas are treated with briquettes designed to kill mosquitoes before they become adults.

"The life cycle of the mosquito is four stages and the larval stage is before it hatches," says Gonzales.  "And we try to kill it before they start to fly."

He encourages locals to report any areas where standing water is prevalent and to take precaution when outdoors.


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